Today’s CCTV digital solutions go beyond their primary purpose of preventing crime and are increasingly being used as a business management tool. The corporate ethos of superior quality, exceptional customer service, cost-effective solutions, and a ‘hands on’ approach are very much fundamental core values of the company. All our systems are designed to meet the requirements of the British standard, NSI (National Security Inspectorate) Code of Practice and the Data Protection Act. Subsequently, recorded evidence would be admissible in court. • During the survey, portable viewfinders can be used to provide the customer with a picture of the areas that will be covered by the camera. This ensures the customer can clearly see what the camera will be viewing • We use a range of interchangeable cameras and lenses which enables flexibility to meet the customers changing needs. • All systems can be expanded and we normally include a minimum of 10% spare capacity within the control and recording equipment for additional camera inputs • Recorded images for use as evidence require clarity, easy storage and simple retrieval, which are achieved by use of Digital Video Recording on hard disk and CD/DVD media. • As well as designing a CCTV system we are also able to install additional site lighting (white or infra-red) to enable night time monitoring and recording. • Where 24 hour monitoring is required, we can provide connection to a dedicated CCTV monitoring centre who are connected to your cameras if your intruder alarm activates or external movement sensors are tripped.

Standalone CCTV:

The use of CCTV is common place in most retail outlets and businesses but with the introduction of broadband and remote viewing it is increasingly common in domestic properties. Camera quality has improved dramatically in recent years and can now pan, focus and track movement as well as night vision and heat detection camera being common place. We will work with you to get the best solution for your budget.

Monitored CCTV:

Monitoring is crucial in using CCTV proactively, remote access by a Alarm Monitoring Centre means that 'patrols' can be carried out, two way communication between the monitoring station and the site to allow access to authorised personnel and report problems before they have happen. Through using CCTV systems technology effectively, it can often reduce your security costs by utilisiling remote viewing for multisite locations.

Covert Equipment:

We can supply and install covert equipment on a temporary or permanent basis depending on your need. This type of equipment can be used for recording things like anti-social behaviour or workforce negligence. Our service is very discrete and we will work with you to achieve specific and effective results.
CCTV has become a must-have security product. Not only does a CCTV camera act as a deterrent in itself, but it can also provide vital evidence in the case of a burglary. High-Tech Fire & Security design and install CCTV systems for both commercial and industrial premises, ranging from a simple one-camera, one-monitor system to a multi-camera system. We also specialise in CCTV IP Network Controlled Systems which can both be both managed and monitored remotely. Our CCTV systems put you in complete control, providing a dedicated solution you can depend on.


Annual maintenance for CCTV systems is paramount from two different perspectives, primarily to confirm the correct working of all the technical equipment but also to assess the system is fit for purpose. During the service, our fully qualified engineers discuss with you any changes in the need for the system, is there a new area that needs to be covered etc. As with all our services, CCTV security cameras are backed up fully by our 24hr Call Out service. The use of CCTV is bound by the Data Protection Act, for further information regarding this please refer to To discuss or arrange a no obligation quotation, call us on 01754 769371
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